Information about activities organised by RENEB or under participation of RENEB.

EPRBioDose 2018

The EPRBioDose 2018 International Conference ( was held in Munich, Germany, 11-15 June 2018. More than 150 scientists from all over the world participated in this meeting and discussed about biomarkers, biological and EPR dosimetry for medicine, radiological emergency and epidemiology as well as EPR dating and dosimetry networks. For the first time posters prices, sponsored by RENEB, IABERD and EURADOS were presented.


RENEB poster award for young scientist

The influence of the blood storage temperature and anticoagulant for cytogenetic biodosimetry

Yohei Fujishima1 , Tomisato Miura1 , Syuki Kanahama2 , Shigeki Hagino2 , Ayaka Azumaya1 ,
Shiori Kawamori2 , Valerie Swee Ting Goh1 , Kentaro Ariyoshi3 , Akifumi Nakata4 , Kosuke Kasai1 ,
Kyogo Yamada5 , Yasushi Mariya6 , Mitsuaki A. Yoshida3

1 Hirosaki University Graduate School of Health Sciences, Department of Bioscience and Laboratory
Medicine, Hirosaki, Japan
2 Mutsu General Hospital, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Mutsu, Japan
3 Hirosaki University Institute of Radiation Emergency Medicine, Department of Radiation Biology,
Hirosaki, Japan
4 Hokkaido Pharmaceutical University School of Pharmacy, Department of Basic Pharmacy, Sapporo,
5 Mutsu General Hospital, Department of Surgery, Mutsu, Japan
6 Mutsu General Hospital, Department of Radiology/Radiation Oncology, Mutsu, Japan

IABERD poster awards:

Construction of dose response curves for cytogenetic biodosimetry in the low dose range
based on five persons
Yu Abe1 , Mitsuaki A Yoshida2 , Kurumi Fujioka3 , Yumiko Kurosu1 , Risa Ujiie1 , Aki Yanagi1 ,
Naohiro Tsuyama1 , Tomisato Miura4 , Toshiya Inaba3 , Kenji Kamiya5 , Akira Sakai1
1 Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine, Radiation Life Sciences, Fukushima, Japan
2 Hirosaki University Institute of Radiation Emergency Medicine, Radiation Biology, Hirosaki, Japan
3 Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine, Molecular Oncology,
Hiroshima, Japan
4 Hirosaki University Graduate School of Health Sciences, Pathologic Analysis, Hirosaki, Japan
5 Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine, Experimental Oncology,
Hiroshima, Japan

Improvement of the electron spin resonance spectroscopy detection limit for tooth dosimetry
Toshitaka Oka1,2 , Atsushi Takahashi3 , Kazuma Koarai2 , Yasushi Kino2 , Tsutomu Sekine1,2 ,
Yoshinaka Shimizu4 , Mirei Chiba4 , Toshihiko Suzuki4 , Jun Aida4 , Ken Osaka4 , Keiichi Sasaki4 ,
Hisashi Shinoda4
1 Tohoku University, Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Miyagi, Japan
2 Tohoku University, Graduate School of Science, Miyagi, Japan
3 Tohoku University Hospital, Miyagi, Japan
4 Tohoku University, Graduate School of Dentistry, Miyagi, Japan

EURADOS young scientist poster Award:

Dose Response of Zebra Mussels ((Dreissena polymorpha) and Pond Mussels (Ligumia
subrostrata) from the Great Lakes
Margarita Tzivaki1 , Edward J. Waller1
1 University of Ontario Institute of technology, Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science,
Oshawa, Canada


RENEB GA prior to EPRBioDose 2018 in Munich, Germany

In the vicinity of EPRBioDose 2018 (, the RENEB General Assembly will held at BIR, Munich, on 10 June 2018 from 3pm – 5 pm. The meeting will be open to members of the RENEB Association. More details will be given prior to the meeting. Directions to the Bundeswehr Medical Academy in Munich

Intercomparison 2017

The intercomparison 2017 is organised by IRSN, France. The biological part is completed and the true doses were disclosed September 2017.
A confirmation of participation will be provided as soon as the evaluation process is completed.

RENEB internal meetings  at international conferences 2017

Taking advantage of international conferences, RENEB meetings will be connected to

  • ERRS/GBS: 17 – 21 September 2017, Essen, Germany ( )
    RENEB: Tuesday, 19.09.2017, 4pm – 6pm
  • ICRP/ERPW: 10-12 October 2017, Paris, France ( )
    RENEB: Monday, 9 October 2017, 2pm – 5pm, Fontenay-aus-Roses

In case of interest to participate as non RENEB partner, please contact: