Running the European Network of Biological and retrospective Physical dosimetry

RENEB is a network founded within the 7th EU framework EURATOM Fission Programme. Beginning 2016 a total of 26 organisations from 16 European countries have signed a MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING for mutual assistance in individual dose estimation in large scale radiological and nuclear emergencies.

Mission Statement

  • RENEB ensures high and consistent quality of biodosimetry services for European countries.
  • RENEB ensures high capacity of biodosimetry services for European countries.
  • RENEB reduces the total overall costs in Europe by sharing of specialized resources and cooperation.
  • RENEB can directly or by means of international organisations provide effective assistance outside Europe.

RENEB will ensure availability, quality, and efficiency in assessment of individual radiation doses after an exposure. Through this effective network Europe will be well prepared for the management of affected people in case of a large scale radiological emergency.

Although severe nuclear or radiological accidents or overexposures are rare, they may occur anytime and anywhere. There is also an increasing risk for acts of terrorism with radioactive materials. Such events may affect a large number of people and if not handled correctly will have a severe impact of the society. In order to be able to respond to such events properly, individual dose assessment is necessary. In this regard, biodosimetry is a most suitable method for reliable dose estimation. Therefore, it is important that biodosimetric capabilities and capacities are effectively maintained and offered to European states.

Recent News and Activities


Congratulations to our RENEB FIRST PRIZE POSTER WINNER winner from the 2022 IABERD meeting/ Japan. Milagrosa Lopez Riego et al. from Andrzej Wojciks laboratory/ Stockholm /Sweden did receive this award for her outstanding work on gene expression and chromosomal...

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Work Groups


Mission Statement and Strategic Alignment

Keeping the mission statement up to date and ensuring our strategic alignment to it.


Operational Basis

Panel of reliable and approved techniques for individual dose estimation.


Quality Assurance and Management

Exercises and procedures for techniques, partners and candidates.



Safeguarding of communication and transport of samples within the network and outside in case of an emergency and for exercises and training. Coordinated


Cooperations, Collaboration and Dissemination

Cooperation on national, European and international level is initiated, strengthened and extended.

RENEB runs sustainable working groups to ensure the coordinated operating ability of the network in case of major nuclear or radiological emergency in Europe and beyond. LEARN MORE