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Exercises and procedures for techniques, partners and candidates.

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The woring package revises and harmonises dosimetry procedures within the network, develops regular training exercises, implements requirements of international standards and updates the quality assurance and management (QA&QM) programme within the network. The education & training programme is open to members and non-members of the network. Continuous participation in long-term training is mandatory for members who contribute to real emergency cases. The woring package also works for connection of the RENEB training programme to European and international training courses and E&T programs.

The best operational conditions result directly from the preparedness of the network before the event. Such provisions include harmonisation of procedures among the individual laboratories, retention of qualified staff, knowledge of the laboratory capacity in crisis situations and common training through implementation of periodic exercises.

The RENEB Quality Assurance & Quality Management (QA&QM) programme is an essential part of the network, it assures that the results are homogeneous across the associated laboratories, irrespective of the particular organisation of the laboratory. For dicentric assay ISO standards provide standardised guidance for all partners in order to perform the dicentric assay in a reproducible and accurate manner. For the EPR technique and micronucleus assay ISO standards are currently under preparation. For the assays that are among operational basis for RENEB for which standards are not yet available, parts of the existing standards are adapted.