In memorial of Wolfgang Weiss

June 15, 2021

We are very saddened by the sudden and unexpected passing of Wolfgang Weiss on 4th June 2021.

Until his retirement in 2012, Wolfgang Weiss was the Head of the “Radiation Protection and Health” department at the Federal Office for Radiation Protection in Germany. Here, he played a key role in shaping radiation protection with regard to the effects of low radiation doses on humans, environmental radioactivity, medical and occupational radiation applications, as well as radiological and nuclear emergency protection. He was also a highly respected advisor and expert in numerous national and international bodies, among others in UNSCEAR – the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (including as Chair), in ICRP – the International Commission on Radiological Protection, in NEA – the Nuclear Energy Agency at OECD and in IRPA – the International Radiation Protection Association. Wolfgang Weiss was strongly involved in uniting and shaping the European Radiation protection activities, e.g. by the development of the radiation protection platforms MELODI (among others as chair) and NERIS. He also encouraged and supported the submission of the Proposal No 295513 „RENEB“ under FP7 of the European Commission. After his retirement Wolfgang continued to follow activities in the field of radiation protection and was invited to further contribute to many European and international activities as a valued expert and advisor. We will miss him as expert and as person.



Congratulations to our RENEB FIRST PRIZE POSTER WINNER winner from the 2022 IABERD meeting/ Japan. Milagrosa Lopez Riego et al. from Andrzej Wojciks laboratory/ Stockholm /Sweden did receive this award for her outstanding work on gene expression and chromosomal...

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