RENEB is organizating a large scale inter-laboratory comparison

June 9, 2021

RENEB (Running the European Network for Biological and retrospective Physical Dosimetry) is currently organization a large scale inter-laboratory comparison. It comprises 8 different assays applicable for dose estimation.
These assays are either based on

  • biological/cytogenetic) endpoints (such diverse as dicentric chromosomal aberrations, DCA; micronuclei, MN; premature chromosome condensation, PCC or translocations, FISH),
  • biological/molecular endpoints (gene expression and gH2AX measurements) and
  • physical dosimetry including EPR and OSL measurements.

Altogether 40 participanting teams are coming from all over the world including Europe, USA and Asia. About 70 principal investigators specialized in their field of expertise are contributing. Blinded samples will be distributed mid of June 2021 and reported dose estimates of the teams will be compared among the assays.
This is the most complete and largest exercise of this kind and results are planned to be presented at Radiation Research Journal as a series of several publications.


Congratulations to our RENEB FIRST PRIZE POSTER WINNER winner from the 2022 IABERD meeting/ Japan. Milagrosa Lopez Riego et al. from Andrzej Wojciks laboratory/ Stockholm /Sweden did receive this award for her outstanding work on gene expression and chromosomal...

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